Vibration Sensor Offering

MEC’s extensive range of vibration testing technology have which are manufactured to the best quality. MEC products specialise in vibration testing, and the efforts of our experienced team ensure that MEC will find the right solution to fit the application.


MEC provides a vast range of quality accelerometers, including all top entry, side exit configurations, including dual output and our popular triaxial models. Also Included in our catalogue are all our acceleration, submersible and temperature models. Contact us to discuss our range as well as the typical and potential applications.

Vibration Modular Systems

MEC provides an extensive scope of power supplies, signal conditioning modules, housings and converter cards. You can see our product page, as well as the typical applications.

Switch, Connection and Junction Enclosures

We also supply a complete range of low-cost switch, connection and junction enclosures available in mild or stainless steel and GRP. 

Vibration Meter Kits

Our Vibration Meter Kits are reliable and easy to use hand-held machine condition inspection instruments available on the market. They provide optimum vibration measurement, bearing status check facility and an alarm indication

Cables & Accessories

We also supply access to an extensive range of accelerometer cable assemblies as well as cable assemblies, accelerometer & system integrity checkers, magnets, custom made solutions, and mounting studs.

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