Vibration Sensors and Accelerometers

Accelerometers and Vibration Sensors basic summary 

Vibration sensors, also identified as piezoelectric sensors, are handy tools for the measurement of multiple processes. Specific sensors use the piezoelectric effect, which measures variations in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain or force by transforming them to an electrical charge. 

  1. Vibration sensors are ideal for measuring the amount and frequency of vibration in machines and equipment. A skilled technician will measure to detect and monitor specific issues like imbalances to help highlight future malfunctions in the machine. The range of vibration can differ significantly, so you should always stipulate vibration sensors to measure the highest vibration range of the relevant application.

Who would use a piezoelectric sensor?

  • Reliability Engineers 
  • Maintenance Engineers 
  • Machine original equipment manufacturers 
  • Condition Monitoring Specialists 

Different types

  • Maximum vibration reading can get to 29400 m/s²
  • Ohms rating differs for contact resistance
  • Various sizes are available


What is the contrast between a vibration sensor and an accelerometer?

Accelerometers measures acceleration, but not inevitably vibration. Nevertheless, vibration sensors can measure a quantity of acceleration and, for this design, are a variety of accelerometer.

Points to contemplate when selecting a vibration sensor

  • With regards to the range and sensitivity. Standard practice is that if a machine generates high amplitude vibrations, a low sensitivity sensor is better. If the vibration is smaller than 10 g RMS, a 100 mV/g sensor should frequently be used.
  • It is also important to know the frequency span you need to measure
  • Very high temperatures can affect the performance.
  • Exposure to chemicals or debris can affect the reliability of the measurements and monitoring.
  • Environment – hazardous atmospheres require specifically designed devices for use in dangerous areas
  • Where the vibration sensor is located – top exit, side exit or low profile are available.
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