The Basics of Winding RTD & Bearings RTD

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MEC Manufacture Winding, Bearing Probe, Slot Type and Aluminium Head probe RTDs.

The Science

The RTD or Resistance Temperature Detector is used in many industrial applications as an accurate field sensor to measure temperature. The RTD makes use of the linear relationship between the conductive resistance of metal and temperature. Platinum has one of the most linear relationships with heat, so manufacturers use this metal is quite often. The PT100 is a type of RTD, PT being the element symbol for Platinum and 100 being the Ohm resistance measured at zero degrees Celcius.


A typical application is the Electric Motor where it is placed in the copper winding of the stator to measure the temperature, which commonly heats up when there is too much load or a fault in the winding.  Or similarly to measure the temperature of the bearings which can get hot if there is too much friction. Although the RTD  can be used to measure temperature up to 600-degree Celcius in many applications, MEC manufactures these sensors specifically for the electric motor or transformer application and have a temperature range of up to 260 Degree Celsius.


Our company uses different material and housings to manufacture the RTD, and whether it be Stainless steel in the case of the Bearing Probe or high-temperature plastics in the case of the Winding RTD. Different housings for different applications make the RTD more durable and suited into their to their role. The customer can specify various materials and designs. For a hazardous area, EX and IECEx versions are available.

STRIP (SLOT) TYPE RTD  – Download Spec-sheet

Embedded in the slots of the stator measures temperature at a point, or over a longer area. Manufactured to customer requirements

Rtd’s – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​
Our RTD & Bearing Temperature Sensors & Detectors, Wire Probe. PT100 & other models. Platinum. 3 Wire are of the best quality and we ensure all our products are quality checked.
Rtd’s – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​

WINDING RTDs – Download Spec-sheet

hese are used in the windings of the Electric motor or transformer for thermal protection. They are very sensitive but rugged.

Rtd’s – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​
Rtd’s – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​

BEARING PROBE RTD – Download Spec-sheet

Designed to measure bearing temperature

Rtd’s – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​


Designed to measure bearing and general industrial temperatures applications

Rtd’s – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​