Heavy Duty Motor Encoder – Position And Speed Monitoring

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Overspeed Switches, Electronic Position Switches & The Incremental Encoder

  • A Heavy Duty Motor Encoder is a sensing device that provides Feedback
  • Motor Encoders convert motion into an electrical signal
  • The Encoder sends a feedback signal that can be used to determine position, speed, direction or the number of cycles.
  • A control device or PLC can use this information to command a particular function
  • Johannes Hubner Giessen has been manufacturing in Europe for many years
  • Johannes Hubner Giessen Quality and solutions are outstanding

Applications Include:

  • Steel industry
  • Trains and Locomotives
  • Drive Technology
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Rolling mill
  • Lift technology
  • Escalators
  • Cranes and heavy lifting equipment
  • Automation amongst other Motors

Incremental Encoder

The incremental encoder is a type of encoder device that converts the angular motion of a shaft into an analogue or digital code to identify position and motion.
Position And Speed Monitoring  – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​


Position And Speed Monitoring  – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​

Heavy Duty

Overspeed Switches for Electric Motors

Global Mec delivers quality Overspeed switches for the electric motor industry including zero speed switch, speed switch, speed switch for the motor, speed switch for belt conveyor, over-speed governor, 2-speed switch.

Electronic Position Switches.

Our electronic position switches for electric motors are built from long lasting and tough materials. Heavy duty and robust at the same time.

The Incremental & Linear Motor Encoder

Our Incremental and linear encoders are the best on the market, with durability and quality materials being used. Our electric motor products include a rotary encoder, optical encoder, incremental rotary encoder, absolute encoder, shaft encoder, absolute rotary encoder, optical rotary encoder, pulse encoder, hollow shaft encoder and much more.

https://hubner.au/Hubner Encoder

As the expert for customised motor encoder solutions in heavy manufacturing, we now offer a Hubner incremental encoder for standard motors, auxiliary drives and secondary drives. It doesn’t just combine the customary benefits of Hubner devices, such as extended service life and great levels of reliability. It also satisfies the technical requirements of machines working in typical environments. The Hubner incremental encoder is a principal brand and offers excellent durability, deliverability and workmanship.

GlobalMec are proud suppliers of Heavy Duty Motor Incremental and Linear Encoders

We supply only quality parts and accessories for Australia. They are designed for longevity and performance and give you a leading edge on your business. We believe in only the best products on the market, delivering services that are second to none.

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