Flexible Heaters

These flexible heaters some call Anti Condensation heaters and provide low-cost protection against the formation of condensation droplets in electric motors. Not only will you find them in electric motors but in generators and alternators that operate in humid conditions. Such as offshore applications, marine equipment, overhead cranes, borehole pumps and for all machines that use in damp environments.

The superior design of MEC’s heaters make them ideal for class F and H applications as well as for electric machines that operate in an environment with a lot of vibration. Their -60° to + 200° temperature range allows these heaters to be used even under extreme conditions.

Install the heater around the base of the winding heads before or after impregnation. Cover at least two-thirds of the windings. If the element selected is longer than the circumference of the head, avoid overlapping the ends and leave a distance of at least 10mm to avoid localized overheating.

The characteristics of our heaters are as follows:

  • Temperature range -60°C / + 200°C
  • Dielectric strength 2.5 kV / 10s
  • FEP UL 1330 AWG 20 (200°C / 600V) leads

All flexible heaters carry a UL approval.

Flexible Heaters

See table of popular sizes above.

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Flexible Heaters