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What is an encoder?

If you Google encoder, you'll get a large and bewildering array of responses. For our goals, encoders are used in machinery for movement feedback and motion control.
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Vibration Sensors and Accelerometers

Vibration sensors, also identified as piezoelectric sensors, are handy tools for the measurement of multiple processes. Vibration sensors are ideal for measuring the amount and frequency of vibration in machines and equipment.
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Thermocouples – Electric Motor Parts & Accessories Australia​

What is an RTD, and how does it work?

A resistance temperature detector is a temperature sensor, also known as an RTD or resistance thermometer. Conductors attach the sensing element to the measurement instrument. Insulation and a protective sheath
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Vibration Sensor Offering

MEC’s extensive range of vibration testing technology have which are manufactured to the best quality. MEC products specialise in vibration testing, and the efforts of our experienced team ensure that
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