Electric Flexible Anti-Condensation Heaters

Our Anti-Condensation Heaters are required to prevent breakdown or corrosion to Electric Motors by water forming/pooling inside the enclosure. This usually happens in colder temperatures or higher humidity areas. Usually, this damage occurs only when the electric motor is not operational and the internal temperature drops quickly to beneath the dew point. Some typical applications for anti-condensation heaters can include but are not limited to:

  • Shipboard and marine equipment.
  • Dockside/Overhead cranes.
  • Borehole pumps.
  • Electric Motors
  • Generators and Alternators.

Planning for the usage of our ACH at the draft stage of development can save the expense of a costly rewind and complications and unnecessary repairs later!

These heaters are made up of 5 separate heating filaments coated by a protective cover of silicone rubber and then soldered together at the terminals. Next, it is covered by a braided glass fibre sleeve and then wrapped with adhesive tape composed of the same material. Finally, the cold ends are made up with FEP.

These heaters’ unique design makes them ideal for class F and H applications and electric machines being subjected to vibration and shock. In addition, their -60° to + 200° temperature range allows these products to be used even in the harshest environments.

These heaters are fitted around the base of the winding heads before or after impregnation. Please take care to cover at least three-quarters of them. If the element selected is more far-reaching than the outline of the head, do not overlap the ends and leave a gap of at least 5mm to dodge localized overheating.

Some specifications of these AC Heaters are as follows:

  • Temperature range -60°C / + 200°C
  • Dielectric strength 2.5 kV / 10s
  • FEP UL 1330 AWG 20 (200°C / 600V) leads

These AC Heaters are UL Approved.


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