Temperature monitoring with PTC thermistors

Thermik/MEC provides robust solutions to guard electrical equipment against overheating. In addition to various temperature limiters, the scale also incorporates PTC thermistors. Thermistors (commonly referred to as motor protection/Safeguard sensors, PTC thermistors, PTC sensors, PTCs and temperature sensors) are optimally intended for direct installation in windings of electric motors and transformers to guarantee temperature monitoring. In addition, thermal thermistors in suitable housings are fit for overheating protection of devices (electronic assemblies, heat sinks, etc.). Significantly, Thermik/MEC company is one of only a few suppliers with the experience to make high-quality PTC ceramics. Thermistors from Thermik classify themselves qualitatively from standard products since the basic technology is vital in production.

The PTC thermistor range

A high-temperature sensitivity characterises thermal thermistors. In the scope of the nominal switching temperature, the resistance increases sharply. This effect can potentially be used to turn off the load circuit via a tripping mechanism. Electronic evaluations are also likely/possible in a wide variety of applications.

To minimise any mechanical stress on the PTC thermistors during the winding process, the PTCs should be embedded in parallel to the winding if achievable. Here the Mylar®-Nomex® shrink cap will be most accommodated due to its mechanical stability and durability. In combination with the small pill (Ø 1.5 mm), reply times of five to a maximum of ten seconds are produced, depending on the variant. Sustainable functionality and performance are of great concern in all Thermik/MEC products.

General areas of application

PTC thermistors are heat-sensitive sensors whose resistance builds with temperature. They can be used in nearly all areas where a digital temperature determination is required, such as motor protection and sustainability. In addition to the more popular automotive industry, thermistors are also used in many other places:

  • Fire detectors
  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Food industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Industrial and medical device electronics